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Kuts truly cares about people and their families, and is proud to be a part of their lives. In fact, he has been cutting hair and building lasting relationships for so long that he is even cutting the hair of some of his oldest and most loyal customer’s children!  Kuts’s montra of “Changing the Game” comes from his desire to bring people together from all walks of life.  That is why Kuts is dedicated all over the city in different areas, one day a week, so he can continue to grow and foster the community.

Building relationships ​with new clients is ​one reason he likes creating and attending events. For example, he has attended the NFL combine downtown Indianapolis where he has ​had the opportunity to meet ​and cut the hair of players, coaches and GM’s. For Kuts, cutting hair isn’t a job but it is something that he is very passionate about.  He greatly enjoys getting to meet new people and share his passion with them.


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